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Living in Angers, I would also recommend to visit the Collégiale Saint-Martin, one of the oldest church in Angers, completely renovated and close to the city center.

The entrance is not free like most churches, but you are provided documents and even an audioguide for the visit of the church and statues. There is even a cool archeological crypt with sarcophaguses to see under the church. At that period of the year, it will also host a exhibition about french and europeans comics. With original drawings like the Smurfs, Asterix & Obelix, Gaston Lagaffe... and also local authors.

All infos about the church (english) : http://www.collegiale-saint-martin.fr/?L=2
And the exhibition (french only) : http://www.collegiale-saint-martin.fr/evenements/expositions-temporaires/des-images-et-des-mots/

Also, some cool shops to see : En Face, an art gallery located in a small street between the castle and the Angers Cathedral. http://galerieenface.wix.com/g-enface

Two shops for records : "CD/BD", for used vinyls, but also CDs, DVDs, comics. It is located Place Mondain Chanlouineau, just front of the H&M store in the city center.
A new records-only shop has opened just a few yards from this one, rue Baudrière. I thinks it's called "Home Wax" but I'm not sure. The shop front is all red.

Hope this will helps ! And great articles, by the way !

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