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John Mac

I was just there myself and felt the same way about the Onion Soup. and the music, oh, the music, I think they had the "Phoenix" Spotify station on, all the Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, Lumineers you could handle, thought maybe they are catering to the Westlake soccer moms. I did like what they did with the space though.

Liz  / GourmandeMom

Well all right then. It was not just I/me and my ornery middle-aged self. I feel better.I really should check it out again. And will try the duck confit. Let me know, if you try that before I do, what you think of it.


I had a similar reaction to the music/atmosphere. The service was sometimes too attentive... too many people stopping by within the same small window of time to ask if our food was "perfect" made having a conversation over the loud music even more challenging. One of the dishes we ordered was overly salty and the other was good but not as good as I expected for the buzz. The bread and the wine though, yeah, great, but not enough of a draw on their own.

Liz  / GourmandeMom

Lisa - thanks for the comment. You hit le nail on the head on the service inquiries. I'm writing an Austin visitors guide to our sister city in France, Angers, and one warning I am giving people who are not culturally fluent yet in French gastronomic rituals: in France, you will not have the server checking on your general well-being. You are allowed to enjoy your food, conversation, and even solitude. To make repeated inquiries is sort of patronizing. They are not being rude. This is just the way it is. Indeed, it would be more rude, for them, to do otherwise. If you want something, ask for it. When you're ready for the bill, ask for it. Annoying sometimes, sure, if the one server handling an entire (small) room of folks is super busy, but I prefer this over the experience you recount. I am hopeful Arro will grow up and into its ambitions. Without the loud music.
Have a great weekend-


We were there on a Sunday night.. Much better vibe. Agree, dessert and wine divine and enough to keep me going back.

Liz  / GourmandeMom

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for the update! I am getting the idea slowly but surely that I should go back soon as well. Dessert, yes, a big wow, isn't it? A great final dessert splurge for me before hitting the low carb routine in this post-France recovery time.

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