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single working/attorney mom with highly-refined Internet skills when it comes to searching for Paris apartments and Paris blogs


WHO: 40-something, Lawyer, Mom (of 1), Sister (1 of 3), a French major from way back when - and still really fanatic about Paris.

WHY: A reason to get out more. Eating out and often becomes not a frivoloity but self-actualization...a parenting mission. Getting my son out more will inspire better table manners and maybe even refine those not so great cutlery skills. [My fault. Too much kid food that we eat with our hands (think about it...tacos, burritos, chicken tenders, grapes...unhealthy I know...I'm trying to atone).]

WHAT: A blog about food, single parenting (the single-handed culinary education of my son), and musings on the chasm between the food life I dream about and sometimes, when the stars are aligned just right, actually achieve and the more mundane one I typically live wedged in between work deadlines and my son’s homework.
Love it. We, my nuclear family, dad and I especially, love it. Love talking about it, looking at it, thinking about it—where to eat, what to cook. Love comparing how Tyler Florence’s short ribs compare to Anne Burrell’s as compared to the ones I had one night at Craft in Dallas in March 2009 as compared to my dad’s. The pros and cons of red wine or white wine for French onion soup. Which boeuf bourgignon recipe for my annual gastronomic event of Christmas Eve (the French Bistro theme year was definitely the best). Every now and then, we still blissfully recall the soul meuniere somewhere in British Columbia. Was that at Chateau Lake Louise?

But the gourmande word, well, it was first lovingly lobbed my way by my very dear French family in Tours, the town where my Junior Year in France group spent an idyllic month before the challenge of Paris university life. By then I was on trip no. 4 to France and every day, every meal with my family just about made me incredibly happy. Changing the plates for each course at lunch, while dining outdoors in the courtyard! Wine at lunch! Crazy! I love this! I guess they had never seen someone so happy at meal time. I think it was the evening I was singing or humming to myself making my may to le diner when the "elle est tres gourmande" comment was made. And just recently, on trip No. 12 to Paris, on a Context Travel food tour, as we were in the spice shop, the helpful and wise salesperon brought out an EXTREMELY esoteric spice and mentioned it went very, very nicely with foie gras. Well, I could not help but say, just because the thought that I was in a place discussing what type of spice could enhance my foie gras dining was so unreal... “Oh, yes, we frequently have that chez moi.” Camille, our food writer tour guide, exclaimed: tu es tres gourmande!! I tried to quickly reassure that nothing could be further from the truth - the foie gras. The seared foie gras at Jeffrey's in Austin though...well, they do it pretty darn well.


France/Paris (duh), red wine, dinner parties, Argentina, coffee, glossy travel and architectural design magazines, patent law, opera, museum shops, Flight of the Conchords, succulents, shrimp po-boys, opining on "who wore it best," really really good bread, Stephen Colbert, movies with happy endings, African drumming, New Orleans....